About Me

Olo!  I'm Chelsea, also known as Chel.  Wife to Chad, Mommy to Miles, & Puppy-Mommy to Zuzu.  Career-woman (that sounds so strange), aspiring crafty person, part-time jewelry designer, & Detroit Tigers Junkie extroadinaire!

My life is moving far to quickly for me to really savor it (much less remember it).  I looked at a photo of my son the other day and couldn't believe how much he had grown without my realizing it.  I decided I need to start documenting my thoughts and experiences, so someday I can go back and really remember what a day in the life was... If you knew my memory, you would know just how necessary this is for me.  

For now, that's my specific focus.  Just a day-to-day account of what it's like to be Chelish (what's Chelish you ask?  That explanation can be found here).

Please to enjoy...

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