Saturday, February 14, 2015

Update - We're Moving!

Hello Loyal Readers (all 3 of you that may be left)!

I know it's been a minute (or 5) since I last posted.  The reason is that I have been really focused on my Jamberry business.  Everytime I want to write a blog post, it's about Jamberry and promoting a business was not what I envisioned for this blog.

But inevitably - I miss blogging.  I want to blog, I just want to do it about Jamberry instead of about me.  So I've started a new blog.  I'd love to have any of you join me at and follow my exploits in the world of nail wraps.  And I promise, it will still have a very chelish spin.

Thanks for your time, your comments, and your support.

Stay Chelish, friends!

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