Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What (Not) To Wear - What I've Been Up To

So it's been about a year (what?!) or more since I last posted a WNTW. So what's been going on in my wardrobe since then?  Frankly, tons.  And I think most of it has been for the positive.

I've accepted leggings as pants.  And I live in them.
I now work at a job wear jeans are a no-no... In fact, I honestly can't remember the last time I put on a pair of blue jeans (oh yeah...I got a new job.  Life update coming in a later post).
I wear dresses and skirts - no wait - scratch that - I ROCK dresses and skirts pretty much every day (and then I come home from work and put on my leggings).
I know what box pleats are, and I covet them.
I mix patterns.  Camo & Stripes.  Florals and Polka Dots.  Giraffes and Geometrics.  I'm not afraid of any of 'em.
I wear heels.  And flip flops that I didn't buy at Old Navy.

Let's do a quick are some of the "good" outfits I posted last year -

Not bad...not bad... but how about now?

My saving grace has been a new direct sales company, LuLaRoe (I'm linking my fabulous consultant Jen).  I have fallen in love with their bold colors & prints, practical, yet fashionable cuts, and of course, their buttery-soft leggings!  If I could only shop LuLaRoe for the rest of my life, I would be too happy (my husband thinks I will get "peter griffen" syndrome if I do that -- you know he always wears the same green pants and white shirt day after day after day get it -- but I think I can mix it up, especially with all those fun prints)!   And half of the fun of shopping LLR is hunting for your "unicorn" prints in the perfect size and style (each print is only made into 1000 pieces - so some can be tough to find)!

Between hunting for the perfect LLR prints and finding suitable clothing for my new job,  clothes are fun again.  I thought I loved having a job that didn't really have a dress code.  Being able to dress down for work was easy - but it was boring.  Not being able to wear open-toed shoes was an unnecessary torture.  I should have known better - when I had a job wearing scrubs everyday, I thought I would love it, because...scrubs.  But I hated it.  I wanted to wear a color other than maroon.  I wanted to choose an outfit.  Now I can be adventurous and classy all at the same time and I'm so excited!

So what do you think, friends?  How am I doing in the what not to wear area?  Would Stacy and Clinton still throw away my entire wardrobe?  Am I progressing (or am I Peter Griffen)?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

And until next time, 


  1. WOW!!! You look fantastic!! I love your wardrobe transformation but what I love most of all is how happy you seem!! You look amazing and can't wait to see some more clothing posts!!

    1. Thanks, Shaunacey! It really is amazing how great a good dress can make you feel! :-)