Monday, October 5, 2015

Miles & Momma Monday

Well, I didn't quite hit my goal of 3 posts last week.  But I got 2 - and that's better than the week before, so YAY for improvement.  We'll try to work on 3 again this week.

And I'll start off on an easy note - Miles & Momma Monday.  This was a little bit of an up and down weekend.  It started off a little rough.  Thursday night ( was the weekend in college, so it totally counts!) Chad had a late night work function, so we had to break routine and Momma was in charge of putting him to bed.  Or I suppose, attempting to put him to bed.  What actually happened was a lot of screaming that he wanted to sleep on the couch instead of his pack & play, and when I finally gave in, he would lay down for a few minutes then get distracted by some toy or other and get up.  So I would lay him back down and try and get him to settle and he'd lay there for a few minutes then get distracted by some toy or other and get up.  So I would lay him back down....and on and on for 2 hours until Dad got home and used his magic daddy powers to get him to go to sleep.

I think I may need to invest in this book for next time...
Go the F**k to Sleep by Adam Mansbach

Luckily, things got better - it was another Home Depot Kids Workshop Weekend.  I have come to look forward to these so much - Miles has so much fun and I probably have more fun watching the enjoyment he gets out of creating something.  And he is so proud when he shows off his creations too.  He couldn't wait to get home and show his papa (who is a semi-professional woodworker)!

After finishing there, we came home and had lunch - I had some leftover pizza, which will be important later.  Chad and I left Miles home with Grammy and Papa while we went out to look at a house (yes we're still building, but there have been some significant delays, so we're keeping our options open for the time being - more on that in a later post).

Saturday night I wasn't feeling so hot, so I went to bed early when Miles did (also because I was supposed to get up early to sing at church with a co-worker)....remember that leftover pizza I ate?  Let's just say singing didn't happen on Sunday morning.  I spent the whole day on the couch and went to bed early again (and still had to spend today working from home - in bed).  I hate when I'm sick and all Miles wants to do is play with me. :-(  Here's hoping this is just a quick bug and I can get back to lil man quickly!

So up and down, yes, but any time I get to spend with my baby boy is good time (even if he's keeping me up 2 hours past my bedtime)!  Until next time friends,

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  1. okay I LOVE the home depot pics!! I seriously need to see if they do that here, Annabelle would LOVE it (and I'm sure Brent would get a kick out of it too).
    Don't worry about not posting 3 times, it's soooo hard to stay on top of posting especially when you're a mom and working and doing all the other stuff life requires of us.