Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's the little things...

I love pinterest.  I love looking through random boards and pinning things that look delicious, fun, artsy, gorgeous, etc.  Rarely, though, do I ever follow through with pinned material (expect in the case of dinner.  Pinterest is the only way I get new and different food on the table).  
One major exception to that was when I pinned something about making your own stamped metal jewelry back in November.  I looked at the pin, thought "this would be totally easy" and started scouring pinterest for more ideas and tutorials.  

Then I went to amazon and started a wishlist of all the things I would need to get my new hobby started.  There was a lot.  I started to feel defeated...but never fear (brooklyn is here!) - it was mom and dad to the rescue!  I turned 30 in early December.  It was the first time in my life that my parents were going to miss my birthday (they had moved out of state just over a year prior, but had been able to return for my birthday the year before), and they felt really, really bad.  This worked out in my favor, because it meant that they purchased just about the entirety of my wishlist - which consisted of lower and uppercase metal stamps, a stamping block, a jeweler's hammer, 2 texture hammers, and a how-to book.  They also gave me an amazon gift card that allowed me to purchase the remaining essentials to get started - metal blanks.

I took to stamping very quickly and started selling my pieces to some of my online friends.  After a few successful sales, I went into business mode.  I started a facebook page and an Etsy page.  I designed a logo, made business cards, and nice looking invoices, set up a company email, and bought a ton more supplies.
Business was basically booming in the beginning.  I was getting at least an order a day and I loved it. 

Then I got a huge 10 piece order.  Along with that came the opportunity to sign up for a vendor show that would give me a ton of visibility.  In completing that order and preparing things for that show, I realized how insanely time consuming stamping really is.  I can't do it when my kid is awake, because he wants me to play with him.  I can't do it when my kid is asleep because it's loud.  I can't do it when my husband is home, because he wants to spend time with me (not that I'm complaining...I usually like him).  It took me a month to  find the time to finish 1 piece of that 10 piece order, and then another month to do the rest (which I was only able to do because I had the day off work and sent the kid to daycare anyway (don't judge me)).

The show is in 2 weeks and I still haven't started on the 100 pieces I have to make so I can sell something while I'm there....Which reminds me, if you find yourself in the metro-detroit area, think about checking out the Spirit of Leadership Luncheon on May 15th.
Regardless of how it has sounded thus far, this really is a positive post!  Since accepting that large order and committing to the show, I have stopped promoting the business, because I don't really have time to take on additional orders at the moment.  I fully plan to get back into the swing of it after, but I need to focus on one goal at a time here.  Despite no promotion in over 2 months, I got 2 orders out of the blue yesterday.  With as stressed as I've been about finishing the other work, surprisingly I got SO excited to have new orders.  I guess it gives me a sense of validation.  Especially because one of the orders came from a completely random person with whom I have no known connection.  They just (seemingly) randomly found my Etsy shop and placed an order.  
I still have no idea when I'm going to be able to do these things, but I really love that I get to.  Just one of those little things that brighten a person's day, I guess.  

Until next time...stay chelish!

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