Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Miles & Momma Monday on a Tuesday

I'm a slacker guys.  I'm also too busy with my 4 jobs to consistently post...I'm working on it.  I also haven't photographed my outfits in the last 4 days (See?  slacker.)

Anyway, we had an awesome weekend with my parents - jam-packed with activities.  We spent almost no time just chilling at home.  It was a welcome change.

Thursday, we waited patiently for Grammy & Papa to arrive.  Miles had to go to bed long before they got there, but he passed the time prepping for his future career as an MLB All-Star (#pickrick).

Friday morning we headed downtown for the parade.  I was pretty disappointed.  We were at the state capital's 4th of July parade and the Governor wasn't even there.  We figured he was probably at a parade in a city that's full of people more likely to vote for him, but disappointing nonetheless.  The turnout was also really lackluster.  I've been to smaller parades in smaller towns that had way more people than this...but it meant we got good seats.  So there's a plus.

Miles had a great time waving his American flag, signing his very own copy of the Declaration of Independence, and running around on the mall.  He couldn't have cared less about the parade - he didn't watch most of it.

We had steak and asparagus on the grill for dinner - it was really good.  Then we were off to the fireworks.  It was Miles' first fireworks show, so I was interested to see how he did.  I was optimistic - our neighbors had been lighting off fireworks for 2 weeks and he slept through them every time.  He didn't even blink when the rifles were fired or the fire trucks horn blared at the parade.  And just as I suspected, the fireworks didn't phase him.  He watched with interest when they first started, but quickly lost it and started playing on his stroller.

 Saturday, we headed over to Kalamazoo to watch my cousin umpire a Northwoods League game.  We had a great time and he did an amazing job.  He even got booed by the whole stadium and got into an argument with the home team manager.  It didn't end in an ejection, which was slightly disappointing, but still entertaining overall.  I only wish I had gotten to sample the Bearclaw Burger - which is a 1/4 burger, pulled pork, mac & cheese, and coleslaw sandwiched between 2 giant glazed donuts (mmmm....but #thisiswhyimfat).

Sunday we had our traditional goodbye breakfast at the local Coney Island (though I had a chicken gyro and lemon rice soup, because I'm just not a breakfast person), then sent Grammy & Papa (& Aunt Caitlin) back home to Tennessee.

Miles and I spent the rest of the day chillin' home.  He had a fabulous time with his Melissa & Doug Nesting Blocks (which are the best. toy. ever.), then took a 3 hour nap while I caught up on Jamberry training.

After such a fun weekend, I needed a break.  Hence why this post is a day late - but it's here and that's what counts!  Until next time friends...stay chelish.


  1. OMG I love that he got booed and you're proud, seriously, sounds like he did a good job and made tough calls! I would have been disappointed with the governor's absence too..what the heck guy?! Your family is so cute btw

    1. You're too sweet, thank you! And yes, being proud of my cousin for getting booed?! I love it. He definitely made some unpopular calls, but they were the right ones and he stuck to his guns. I really hope he's able to go far with this career!