Monday, July 14, 2014

Mommy & Miles Monday

I had such a great weekend with my little man.  It was so hard to leave him at daycare today - I just wanted to spend all day snuggling and playing like we had for the past two days.

He was also an excellent napper this weekend and let his momma get a ton of work done, which was a nice change :-)

Saturday morning we ran errands - he's always so good when we go out, I don't know how we got so lucky!  We got home just in time to eat some lunch and take a nap.  Then once Daddy got home, we met up with some friends for dinner.  Miles had fun sharing his crayons with his friend Ethan.  Ethan had fun throwing his food at me :-)  I couldn't be mad though - truthfully, I was jealous of the arm the kid had.  Miles...we need to work on that if you're going to be pitching in the majors by the time you're 22.

Sunday we chilled at the house in our PJs all day.  And we worked on Miles throwing skills (video below).

Of course, in all our fun times, I neglected the camera for the most part. I need to take more pictures again, but I'm also OK that I haven't been, because it just means I've been playing with my boy instead of holding a camera in his face...I guess that's just more incentive to try and get Glass back...even though I think Chad wants it more than I do...but I digress.

Check out our future Tiger from this weekend.  We were even twinsies on Saturday and he helped me with my daily outfit picture :-)

 Stay Chelish, friends.


  1. LOL at the arm strength! Love that you guys match. So sweet ;] I know the feeling of wanting to stay home all day and spend time with your love bug- some days are much harder than others. :[!

  2. Your matching outfits are SOOO cute. That's awesome that he decided to turn into a good napper, I always kind of brushed naps off until my daughter wouldn't nap for two days straight and I almost lost my mind!