Monday, September 14, 2015

MMM: Home Depot Kids Workshops

One thing I've noticed since we've moved to Tennessee is that we are finding so many more fun free or cheap activities to do as a family - I love that.  We're mostly homebodies, but that can get pretty boring, pretty quickly - so finding new, fun things to do without a big investment is awesome.

One of those things we've found is the Home Depot Kids Workshop.  On the first Saturday of each month, every home depot offers a workshop for kids to build a fun little toy or game.  The kids learn some great skills - they get to pain and hammer and assemble the project each month - and have lots of fun doing it.  As a parent, I just love watching my little guy participate and learn.  He LOVES banging the nails with the hammer :-)

The recommended age for the workshops is 5-12 - we clearly do not fit into that bracket yet, but the Home Depot employees still welcome Miles eagerly each month.  No one can resist those cheeks!

At their first class, your child will get a genuine Home Depot orange apron with their name on it (written in Sharpie, just like the pros!), then you get your kit.  All the tools you need are at the tables.  The class is come and go style - so arrive when you can and leave when you're done.  Take as much or as little time as you want.  Once the project is complete, your child will get a certificate and a pin to celebrate their completion of that month's project.  I also recently discovered that at their 10th and 25th classes, they get a special pin to mark that achievement!  We've only got 7 more classes to get to our first milestone!  And of course, they get to take their project home with them to play with.

I wasn't sure what to expect when we went into our first project - a minion scooter (which coincided with the Minions movie release).  I've been pleasantly surprised with the results every time.  So far we've made the Minion scooter, a chalkboard door hanger, and a football toss game.  Each project has exceeded my expectations for quality and, despite being about 3 years under the recommended age for the build, I've found that the finished product is also an age appropriate toy for my 2 year old - which is great!

If you're interested in taking your kids to the next workshop (Firetruck - Oct. 3), you can sign up here.  Pre-registration is recommended so that each store has enough kits on hand, but if you forget one month, they won't stop your child from participating (but it's also first come, first served, so if you go later in the morning, you may miss out).

  funny that this is a miles & momma post and momma is no where to be found in these pictures...the problem with being behind the camera I guess.  I'm involved in all of these fun activities, but Chad gets all the glory - this past weekend included when we went to Cheekwood, which is a local botanical garden and fine arts center.
Ah well...

So tell me mommas...what kind of fun activities do you like to do with your littles?  I'm always looking for more recommendations, and I'd love for you to share them with me!  So until next time...

This post is not sponsored or endorsed by The Home Depot.  I'm really just a big fan of these workshops and wanted to share them with all of you!


  1. um that's pretty much the cutest thing of ALL time!!!! I may have to get Brent to see if they have that at our Home Depot, I think Annabelle would LOVE it!

    1. I think she definitely would! I'm always so impressed and encouraged by the number of little girls in the classes - start 'em young and show them building isn't just for boys!

    2. I think she definitely would! I'm always so impressed and encouraged by the number of little girls in the classes - start 'em young and show them building isn't just for boys!

  2. I don't think our Home Depir offers these but I sure wish they would, my kids would love it. Michaels offers kids art projects for a tiny price though!

    1. I actually think they might, Deena! - (Hi, I'm Chelsea and I'm a blog stalker....). I'm going to look into the Michael's projects too - thanks for the tip!