Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What (Not) To Wear: Multi-Use Pieces

One thing I've been really, really loving lately is pieces of clothing that I can wear a bunch of different ways, so I can have fewer pieces in my closet (which my bank account loves) but look like I have a lot more.  

Being versatile with your wardrobe can be really easy - something as simple as changing the color and shape of the top you wear with a skirt, or changing accessories, can give you some really varied looks - such as with my floral pencil skirt below.  j

On 3 separate days, I wore it over a peach top with nude, round-toed heels, under a nude top with black booties, and hiked up under a loose-knit, mustard color sweater with black, point-toed heels.  

Another super easy way to change up an outfit?  Turn it around.  Yeah, just wear it backwards!  When I wear this dress to work, I wear it forward to be more conservative.  Then, I just flip it, scooch the zipper down just a tad, and I'm ready for date night!

You can also play with the shape of a piece to make it look like something completely different than it is.  [I've been slacking with my pictures in preparation for this post, so take my word for it when I tell you that the picture below features the same dress.]  On the left, I'm wearing the dress as a dress.  On the right, I've folded it up to wear as a tunic with leggings.  This is one of my favorite ways to easily go casual after work, without dirtying up too much extra laundry!

But my favorite thing to do is completely transform a piece, so it's nearly unrecognizeable (but in the best way).  Can you guess what this dress does for a day job?
It's a MAXI SKIRT!  What?!  I know.  I'm impressed with myself, too(and my hubs loved this particular transformation on our date night)!

I love maxis for their major comfort factor.  They're great on days when I really want to just wear PJs all day, but shouldn't, when it's super hot out, or when I totally forgot to shave my legs...ha.  Many of my maxi skirts are also long enough for me to hike them up and wear as a maxi dress! [Again, please excuse my lack of picture prep for this post...I may update it later with better pictures. I may not. You'll get over it.]  

So tell me, friends, how do you get creative with your wardrobe to maximize the value out of your closet?  I'd love to try out some new ideas!  And until next time,

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  1. look at you with the versatile wardrobe!!!! LOVE that floral skirt!! GOREGOUS