Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What (Not) to Wear #4

My thoughts...
My hair is a mess on Thursday.  As is my living room.  Do you like the little bicycle I added to try and cover it up?  //  I got a lot of comments on the fedora.  I'm glad Chad told me to buy it.  //  I had enough forethought to take pics over the weekend...but lazy dressing doesn't make for very interesting pictures.  A cute baby sure does, though.  //  Monday I finally styled the chambray in such a way that Chad didn't absolutely hate it.  He still thought it was a little Canadian Tuxedo-y and would have worked better with the red pants, but I consider that a win.  //  Tuesday I braved white on white.  I had spaghetti for dinner and came out of it unscathed.  The tank top ended up being super tight though - a lot tighter than I realized - and I was really self-conscious about it most of the day.  //  Today...ah today.  I was up way too late watching the All-Star game (Go AL!), then up most of the night with a feverish, teething, allergy-ridden, miserable little man.  Getting out of bed was hard enough.  I put no effort into getting dressed.  #sorrynotsorry

Stay tuned for my second post today where I gush on and on about how much I love my husband...or something :-)

Stay Chelish, friends.


  1. omg the added bicycle just about had me on the floor! you're hilarious!!
    Still love that fedora on you and that green shirt is a great color on you!

  2. HAHHA love that last picture. I really like the Monday outfit! Chambray is so cute on you.