Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What (Not) To Wear Wednesday - wk 3

I admit this week is lacking in photos.  I'm finding it harder to come up with outfits that I haven't already posted...and this is where I'm limited.  Once I put together an outfit I like, I keep wearing it over, and over, and over again.  I have to figure out how much longer I'm going to commit to this post.  I obviously can't do it forever.  Hmm...something to ponder.

Not pictured:
Sunday: Jeans, some shirt that I can't remember, some flops.
Monday: Skinnies, Circle Print Top, Black Flats
Tuesday: Skinnies, Striped top, Black Flats

Thoughts...LOVED my 4th of july outfit (not pictured, gold flops from old navy),  So comfy and I felt so cool in my fedora.  My regular jeans are getting big.  Or stretched out.  I've tried to buy new ones in the same style/size thought and they don't fit the same and the size down is too small.  They're really comfy, but they're a little saggy.  I struggled with shoes again today.  I really need to get that pair of nude flats.  I ended up going with leopard because the black was too dark and I didn't feel like the brown went with the grey.  I've never been a shoe person and that's becoming more and more apparent.  And Saturday starts my new haircut (ladies love my new haircut).  It's so nice to have some shape to my hair again!  And finally, apparently, I really like stripes...


  1. Your outfits are all (and always) so cute! I love these types of posts. It's fun to see what outfits other people put together

    1. Thank you :-) I love doing them and getting the feedback, I just don't like all the work it takes to get the pictures, lol. I love reading these types of posts from other people. It's so cool to see how just a small change in styling makes such a huge difference in an overall look!

  2. I got a great pair of nude flats from Payless for cheap and they're so so comfy!
    Love the fedora, so fun!

    1. I have not had great luck with payless, but I know it's so hit or miss. I'll have to keep checking.
      And yeah - I love the fedora too. I need to find more things to wear it with.