Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What (Not) to Wear Wednesday - wk 2

Here are this weeks submissions for What (Not) to Wear Wednesday.  Your judgement is welcomed and expected... :-)

 I try to take weekends off of all blog activity, so I didn't get photos of my outfits on Saturday/Sunday (ok...that's just an excuse.  I just forgot to take them and/or didn't want to show because I reverted to lazy with it).

Thursday: Chambray Shirt - Old Navy, Red Pixie Pants - Old Navy, Leopard Print Flats - Charlotte Russe
Friday: Free Hugs Tee - Victoria's Secret (Old/Similar), Jeans - Old Navy, Pink Chuck Taylor's - Converse
Saturday (Not Pictured): BFM Tee - The Chive, Jeans - Old Navy, Pink Chuck Taylor's - Converse
Sunday (Not Pictured): Mint Striped Tank - Old Navy (Similar), Black Shorts - American Eagle, Mint Flops - Old Navy (Similar)
Monday: Lace Top - BKE (Similar), White Boyfriend Pants - Kut from the Kloth, Black Flats - Old Navy
Tuesday: Top - VonMaur (Old), Skinnies - Old Navy, Brown Flats - Body Central
Wednesday: Striped Tee - Christopher J. Banks (Old), Skinnies - Old Navy, Black Flats - Old Navy

My thoughts:
Fridays are casual days at work, so I took full advantage.  Monday, I'm not so sure about the black flats with the outfit.  But I'm not sure what I could have done instead (I'm required to wear closed-toe shoes at work...).  Wednesday, I woke up realizing I had forgotten to turn on my alarm the night before.  I was already 15 minutes late for work and did. not. care.  Can you see it in my face and overall posture?
Overall - I need more accessories.  It's one thing to wear better shirts/pants/shoes, but to really make an outfit, I need to accessorize.

Your turn.  How did I do this week?


  1. Okay you are so brave! But I have good news, I love most of your outfits! Chad Cooper is totally off on this one- Thursday's outfit is one of my favorites! Tuesday is ADORABLE but Friday eh, the shoes would be better matched with skinnier jeans. Monday is cute, the shoes aren't idea but you made it work. You look great!

    1. Thank you! I wish I could have worn some cute sandals on rules...what are ya gonna do? And I always feel so weird wearing sneaks with skinnies...maybe it's just me - i'll have to try it again!

  2. Thursday is my fav too! hahah Your poor hubby!
    You look cute in everything, but my favorite outfits are the ones with lots of color (I never thought I'd say/type that).

  3. Thursday is also my fave! Maybe invest in a pair of nude flats- they gomwith everything and lighten up your look! With your gorgeous darker hair you look great in brights or jewled tones :) xo Keila

    1. I've been on the lookout for a good pair of nude flats for awhile now - I haven't been able to find anything I really like yet, but I agree. It's definitely what I need!