Thursday, June 26, 2014

A View From My Desk

This is where I spend a good portion of my here's your inside look at what I'm looking at right now.

1) A picture of the white board at my last desk - I took a lot of notes on that thing that I didn't want to lose.  Of course, I can still see that white board from where I'm sitting and it still hasn't been erased...ah well.  At least I'm prepared if it ever is.  Also, a list of the paid holidays for the year - always good to have the days I don't have to be here handy :-)

2) A Microsoft Certificate of Achievement stating that I successfully completed course 2778 Writing Queries Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Transact-SQL (VS).  Can I tell you what I learned in that course?  Absolutely not.

3) A random container of Garlic Sauce from Hungry Howie's.  Yep.

4) 1 of 3 monitors.  I try to avoid doing any work on this monitor - it just rotates my photos every 15 minutes, so it's mostly a glorified digital photo frame.

5) My lunch/snack bin.  Very important to know where the food is kept.  Obvs.

6) My window.  Sometimes I like to look out and just watch the birds at the birdhouse.  Very early this spring (as in, there was still snow on the ground), we had about 9 bluebirds sitting on the branches.  Also, my pink foam bunny.

7) Monitors 2 & 3 - where the magic happens.

8) A jar that was previously full of cashews (and in location 5) and a grilled sandwich maker - because who wouldn't want to make grilled cheeses at work?

9) My new whiteboard.  Currently holds notes about some of the more important projects I'm working on.

10) Conference name tags.  They make me feel important for some reason. Like - hey look how cool I am.  I go to conferences.

And that's my desk.  If you check out my google + page, you'll be able to see a full photo sphere of the office, which is pretty sweet if I do say so myself.  I hoped you enjoyed this quick little peak into my day-to-day.

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  1. I love that you have garlic sauce at your desk! awesome!