Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Let's Play Catch Up...

Hello dear readers...have you missed me?  I took last week off because I was out of town at a work conference and my hotel room had no internet connection.  It. Was. Awful.  It gave me a good excuse to not keep up with "real" work and just focus on conference stuff while I was there, but it also meant I was a slacker on my link ups and posts and follows and all things bloggy.  Now it's back to life as usual (mostly - I mean, I started this post on Monday, but still didn't have time to finish it until today - being away from the office with no internet access makes for a lot of catch up work when you return).

Because I was at my conference last week, it meant there was a significant amount of time away from lil man.  This also means that I went picture crazy when I returned.  Unfortunately, allergy season is in full swing and Miles seems to have inherited his mother and father's exceptionally terrible hay fever.  So Children's Allegra has made an appearance, but it has not stopped the constant flow from his nose (which is exactly what you wanted to hear).
We also had a great weekend, because Chad had 2 whole days off in a row.  That happens so rarely so we tried to make the most of our time and spent both days out of the house (that happens even less, I think).

Saturday was an especially exciting day because it was first haircut day!  Our little mop top really needed it, but I had to hold back the tears as he transformed into a big boy right in front of my eyes.

We also had some shopping to do, so we headed over to our local mall.  It's a very tiny mall, but we ended up spending over 2 hours in it because Miles fell asleep and we didn't want to interrupt his nap.  We got to have lunch at the new Mark's Gourmet Dogs, which was featured on Food Court Wars on the Food Network.

Sunday was Father's Day, of course.  After breakfast, we decided to head out away from the house again for the day.  First stop was the East Lansing Farmer's Market (with a quick stop to Biggby on the way to use the Father's Day BOGO coupon).  Our amazing timing meant that upon our arrival at the market, we ended up waiting in the car for a half hour waiting for another nap.  Oh well - at least he's getting them!  The farmer's market was pretty disappointing.  There were less than 20 stalls.  It took us about 3 minutes to walk up and down them all. So, we headed back out to the mall - but decided to go to the slightly bigger one across town this time.
Chad has been very supportive of me upping my fashion-game, so over the course of the weekend, I got to pick up a few new items for my closet which I'm very excited about - 3 maxi skirts, a fedora, and some tan flats.  I will be a fashionista someday (or at the very least, slightly above completely clueless)!
Fedora / Striped Maxi (similar) / High-Waisted Knit Maxi / Pleated Maxi

I was a nice wife and took Chad for Chinese Buffet for dinner.  I generally don't like Chinese food - but it was Father's Day.  We were also right by his favorite restaurant, so what the heck, right?  It actually wasn't too bad.

Once we got home, we just hung out with little man until he fell asleep (around 8:30, which he has done ON HIS OWN for the last 3 days - it's been amazing!)

Finally, this weekend we decided to start watching Game of Thrones.  After everyone telling us how much we were missing out on, we figured it was finally time. We were both pretty much instantly hooked.  We stayed up way too late watching 2 episodes on Sunday night, then Chad came home early yesterday and we watched 5 (!) more!  Unfortunately, this also means that now the spoilers on facebook actually mean something and I have to work extra hard to avoid them (life is rough, people).  I'm also working extra hard not to form any attachments to characters, because I know the nature of the show, and that no one is safe.  I'm sure I won't be successful and the first major death will be a huge disappointment to me.

Anywho, enough of my rambling.  Hopefully I'll be back to a regular schedule after this update and you can all keep up on all things Chelish (no matter how mundane).  

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  1. he's so cute, love his haircut!
    annabelle has allergies too, so frustrating (I blame Brent!).
    YAY for new clothes... you'll have to post pics of the new pieces in action!