Monday, June 23, 2014

Momma & Miles Monday

Miles and I had a great weekend together.  Saturday we went and spent the day with Grammy and Great-Grandma.  We also met Great-Aunts Debbie & Tina for lunch at our favorite spot - Benihana.  I wish I had gotten some pictures that day to show off...but someone was being a little more clingy than usual.  He wouldn't even let me put him in a high chair at the restaurant, which is so unlike him!  He finally warmed up to Grammy after lunch and let her take us on a little shopping spree - he's finally stocked up on summer gear (and I may have added a few items to the closet as well...).
Enjoying the Ginger sauce...just like his momma!

Loving on my cousin's dog, Monkey
Sunday we added Daddy to the mix.  My company had an outing to the local MILB stadium for a game.  We were all decked out in our Tigers gear (even though the home team was an affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays and the away team was an affiliate of the Tampa Bay [Devil] Rays.  For our family (at least until little league starts), Baseball = Detroit Tigers.  So that's what we wear.  Luckily, Miles was very into Daddy so I got some great pics!

It was a hot day, so Miles especially had fun drinking water out of the water bottle and then spitting it out all over the floor...
It was also "Bark in the Park" day, so we could have brought Zuzu with us, but she would have absolutely hated it, so I'm glad we chose not to.

On the way out, I finally got Chad behind the camera so I could get a picture with my handsome dude.  I wish I could have convinced Chad to do a family pic, but he was not into it (boooooo).

(oh also, too - I was loving my outfit that day - I didn't get a great pic, but how great is this skirt?!)

 It was such a wonderful weekend with my family.  I'm so glad Chad is finally able to step away from work more and spend time with us (and that we're doing more with that time than just sitting at home - we still do a lot of that, but we're getting out of the house a lot, which I love)!  I can't wait to do it again when my parents and sister come into town for the 4th of July!

And with that, I have to get back to work - today has been a classic Monday and I really needed a break.  But there is a ton of work to be done and as much as I wish it would, it won't do itself.  Until next time, Stay Chelish, my friends.


  1. OMG! Your son is ADORABLE! At the risk of sounding like a complete freak- I just want to kiss him to pieces! aww! My husband is soo not into family pictures- or ANY pictures for that matter. When I do manage to get a pic, it always comes with rules and restrictions. Oy vey! You look so familiar- I feel like I know you from somewhere.

    1. HAHA Thank you! And no worries - anyone who thinks they can resist those cheeks is the freak...not the ones who want to kiss them!
      As far as looking familiar - I think I just have one of those faces. It's been quite a few years since I've been to the OC, though I would LOVE to go back!
      (p.s. I read your grape story last week...where do people get off thinking they do stuff like that?! Did you end up going back to the store and reporting him?)