Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Lovely Throwback Thursday

I love my husband.  He just texted me to say he loved me.  Swoon... :-) So here's a little throwback.
We had been together about a year at this point... We were hanging out at one of our regular summer spots - Sir Richard's Pub aka "The Pub" (which has since been renamed The Blue Gator...lame).  It was $2 you call it night (so the Grey Goose screwdrivers were plentiful...).  I had to move home that summer for my internship, so we only got to hang out on weekends (and only some weekends, because my parents weren't too thrilled about me driving 2 hours back to school every weekend).  Luckily, we were moving in together for the next school year, so we had some incentive to make the long-distance thing work.

That was 8 years ago...and he still texts just to say he loves me.

...but then he also follows it up with "and don't forget to take out the trash and sweep the floor when you get home"...I love you too, babe - muches and mores.

We're gonna make it :-)

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