Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Five Vol. 7

Here comes this week's five...a random list of things I liked this week.  Hooray!

1.  These Anti-Jokes from
If I had been drinking coffee this morning, I would have spit it all over my desk.  My husband will tell me they're all lame.  They probably are.  But also hilarious.
What's green and has wheels?  Grass.  I lied about the wheels.

What do a duck and a bicycle have in common?  They both have handlebars...except for the duck.

Why isn't Helen Keller a good driver?  Because she's dead.

A gorilla walks into a bar and orders a banana martini.  The bartender thinks this is a little peculiar and then becomes aware he is actually dreaming.  He wakes up from his dream and begins to tell his wife about the ridiculous dream he had.  His wife just ignores him, the man rolls over and begins to sob because he realizes his marriage is in shambles.
I mean...come on!  Those are awesome.

2. Game of Thrones

I mentioned earlier this week that we started watching it On Demand.  We haven't stopped.  We're now halfway through season 2.  Our DVR is getting a little full because we haven't watched anything else.  And we won't until we finish season 4...which I'm not excited about (because that means I'll have to wait with everyone else until season 5...and I don't like waiting).  I said I was trying really hard not to get attached to characters because I know anyone's fair game for some brutal death...but that lasted about 5 minutes.  Tyrion and Daenerys have quickly become my favorites.  Tyrion (whose accent hurts my ears) is hilarious and the Khaleesi is just a total bad ass.  I can't wait to continue our binge this weekend (and yes, I realize this makes 3 weeks in a row that I've mentioned binge-watching a TV show in my five....stop judging me).

3. Paying off Debt.

Today is a big day in House Cooper (see what I did there?) - today we made the last payment on my engagement ring.  It's a nice little weight off our shoulders and the snowball effect is going to be huge.  We realized that by allocating the payment from the ring to another card, the card will be paid off next month instead of 8 months from now. #almostdebtfree #exceptnotreallyatall

4. My outfit yesterday.
Sweatshirt - Blue Marlin | Striped Tee - Christopher J. Banks | Skirt - Charlotte Russe | Tank - Sam's Club

Apologies for the picture.  The lights were out in the bathroom so I couldn't take a mirror selfie.  Had to rely on the forward facing camera on my phone (but I did discover that it now has a timer...score).  I don't care much about the World Cup, but I do like England.  So when the opportunity presented itself for me to wear my Team England jacket, I took it.  That it worked with one of my new skirts was also awesome.  I got a few compliments (and one guy who asked where my cape was...apparently I looked like Superman to him).  Of course, then England had to go and lose, eliminating them from the competition.  Way to go, lads.

5. Family Time

Chad came home early from work 3 days this week.  And that was after he took the whole weekend off.  I've seen more of my husband in the last week than I have maybe ever (not really) - I loved it, but even better, Miles loved it.  Seeing his eyes light up when Daddy walks in is just about the best sight in the world.  And then to top it all off, my mom is in town this weekend!  So Miles and I are going to my grandma's house on Saturday to hang out with them.  It's been over a month since she was here last, so I am very excited (and then in 2 weeks, she'll be back with my dad for 4th of's almost like they didn't abandon me to move so far away)!

And with that, I leave you to enjoy your weekends.  As always, stay Chelish my friends.

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