Monday, June 30, 2014

Momma & Miles Monday - The weekend of no naps

It's true, you don't realize how precious those naps are for our littles until you experience a day without them.  Or in my case, almost 2 days.

This weekend, things just lined up in a way that naps proved very difficult.  I mentioned Friday that I was cleaning all day Saturday and I had hoped carrying Miles around in the carrier would help to facilitate a good nap.  Well, it started out well enough.  I got to cleaning and he fell asleep relatively quickly.  Except now that he's bigger, while he more than fits in the carrier, it doesn't have any way of supporting his head or neck and they were flopping all over the place once he fell asleep.  So I thought, he had been asleep for a good 20 minutes, he was probably sufficiently out and I could move him without waking him up.  Wrong.  I tried putting him in his crib and the second I laid him down he was awake and screaming.  After 20 minutes of that nonsense, I realized that I had too much work to do, so I put him back in the carrier and hoped he would fall back asleep (he didn't).

Fast forward to 5:30 - kid is absolutely exhausted.  So, against my better judgement, I let him pass out on the couch for half an hour.

That night, bedtime came and went and Miles was still rockin' out like it was 4 in the afternoon.  We decided at 10:15 that he was going to bed whether he was tired or not.  Which meant that I was in his room coaxing him to sleep until 11:30.  Since we don't let him cry for more than 5 minutes, it was a lot of cry, rub back, sneak out of room, floor creaks, kid wakes up and realizes you probably left him forever, repeat.  After more than an hour, I was finally able to get out without making a single sound.  I was so exhausted at that point, I went right into my bed and fell asleep - didn't even take the time to go tell Chad.  Oops.

Cue day 2, when we all slept in until nearly 10 am (and Chad until 11 am) - it's nice and all, but it sure does throw off the schedule, since nap 1 generally occurs around that time.  We had made plans to meet up with some new friends for lunch - they wanted to get together at 1...which is nap 2 time.  I was not looking forward to that...but we went anyway and had a good time (Miles finally cashed in his birthday gift card from Aunt Megan and Uncle Brad and got this awesome hoodie).When we got home we tried to get him to nap with zero luck.  We continued trying for over an hour.  Finally he fell asleep around 4 and we let him sleep as long as he wanted (again, probably not the best choice when it came to bed time, but necessary).  We also took advantage of that time to get a quick nap ourselves.  
Bedtime that night was slightly better - he was actually tired at bedtime.  And I never had to re-enter his room after initially putting him down, but it still wasn't without a fight.  I'm ready for him to go back to being able to put himself to sleep without a fuss.  The only thing that saved my sanity this weekend was that once he went to sleep, he stayed asleep.  He's finally consistently sleeping through the night and it's been FANTASTIC.  The dog has also generously agreed to sleep through the night most nights as well, meaning momma has been getting a full 8 more nights than not.  I can feel the difference.  It's wonderful.

Despite all that, we had a great weekend - Chad got to come home early on Saturday, so it was almost like we had a full weekend with him.  We love that!  Long weekend with Grammy & Papa is coming up and we are anxiously awaiting their arrival!

And now for more cheeks!
Must stay awake to tell you how tired I am!

Hey, giraffe. How's it goin'? I like your long neck, that looks really great. So you're a giraffe, right? What's that all about? Okay, well it was great to meet you. Say hello to your mother for me.
Stay chelish, friends!


  1. omg love the way he's look at that giraffe
    also, naps (or lack there of) are the devil!

  2. I miss my son this young :[ so cute and sweet. That full night's sleep is so important and such an achievement when it happens! What a good boy...aside from the whole anti-nap thing. Ugh, that could be hell. I'm with you on the 5 minute crying thing, only my husband is not and literally makes me wait for the 10 minute mark. He's usually right but it's pure torture to hear it!

  3. Sleeping through the night is fantastic but no naps can be really hard. I feel for you. Such sweet pictures! Loooove those cheeks!

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the SHINE Blog Hop).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.