Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Nice Little Sunday #throughglass

Chad was nice and let me sleep in until 9:30 this morning. He got up with Miles, gave him breakfast, and entertained him until I got up.  It was so nice, especially since we had each enjoyed a bottle of wine last night and I really needed the extra sleep to recover...hehehe.

We decided to check out the East  Lansing Street Fair today, but first we decided to go grocery shopping.
This guy is always super popular whenever we're out and about.  Today was no exception!

After we got the groceries home and put away, we headed back out.  We've been in the Lansing area for over 3 years now and had never been to this street fair - which is crazy because I love street fairs, craft shows, etc. The weather was finally warm and dry again, so it was a perfect day to go.

This was the most insane street fair I've ever attended.  Normally there is some sort of order to the booths and you can plan out how you're going to navigate them so you don't miss any.  This was definitely not like that.  I know we missed a lot, but we saw even more.  I was on a mission to find a Detroit Tigers lawn stake that I saw at every street fair I went to last year, but foolishly never bought - even though it was only $5.  Of course, they weren't here (or maybe they were hiding in one of those booths that we missed).  I saw more expensive versions, but they didn't look as nice as the one I wanted, so I passed it up.

When we were out of the most crowded areas, we let Miles walk around a little bit - he loves walking!
Chad and I were both wearing our Google Glass and we got stopped a lot.  Some people didn't know what they were and asked.  Others knew, and just asked how we liked them, do they work like they say, etc.  Chad offered demos to everyone and they were all very impressed.  A ton of people just stared as they walked by or whispered (loudly) to their friends "that's Google Glass!".  That's something I need to get used to - between my ultra-cute kid and Glass, I definitely don't blend in to the crowd anymore!

We saw some really neat street art as first glance, you think someone just carelessly spilled something on the sidewalk.  But look closer and....'s really quite beautiful.

We stopped for lunch at Pita Pit, but they had no high chairs or booster seats.  So Miles had to put on his big boy pants and sit on a regular chair.  He did awesome!

I'm so excited for warmer weather that sticks around so we can have more family outings like this.  We had a great time!

This week I'm linking up with Social Media Sunday.  Be sure to check out the great blogs who are joining me and as always...Stay Chelish!
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