Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Momma & Miles Monday - Post-Mother's Day Edition

This was an extra special Mommy & Miles Monday because it came after a weekend away from my favorite little guy.  I was so excited to see him again on Sunday when we got back!

He was sleeping when we got home, so we unpacked a little, then sat down to enjoy a glass of the wine we bought while we were away.  He woke up a little while later and promptly started crying as soon as he saw us...go figure.  I like to think he was just overcome with excitement and that was the best way he knew to express it.  Because...babies. (He also cried when we tried to video call him from our hotel, so we had to shut that down pretty quickly).

We spent the rest of mother's day hanging out at home watching our Tigers (who threw away a win with some terrible defense and bullpen pitching...@#5!!%q@$^) and going out to dinner.  Miles' grandparents gave him a lot of walking practice while we were gone, so he was an old pro by the time we got back.  We even let him walk into the restaurant from the car.
I also got my first home-made mother's day card, which is on the fridge at home.  I can't wait for many more of these!

Monday after daycare, we got our Momma & Miles time.  We hung out and played with his favorite blocks, his tunnel, and took our usual silly selfies...
It was raining on and off so we couldn't go outside, but that didn't stop him from trying every time we let the dog out.  He wanted to play with his bubbles!

While I was cooking dinner, we made silly faces at each other.  Our favorite one Chad figured out came from our (his?) glass use.
With glass, you just wink to take a picture.  Every time we wink at him, he makes this face back at us...he's trying to wink too!  Love him.

Since this was supposed to be posted yesterday, I've still got another post coming today - so look for the next Jamberry Challenge update a little later!  and as always, stay chelish, friends!


  1. I love that he's winking back at you, or trying at least! so sweet!