Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Five 5-9-14

It's that time of week again...on to the list!

1. This remarkable, beautiful, funny, silly, smart, inquisitive, mischievous, healthy little boy
no kiddo...lucky me!
I can't help but include Miles again, especially after the devastating news of Teddy Fish.  I'm so lucky to have a healthy child who I get to hug and laugh with everyday.  Getting to see him grow up in front of my eyes is the best thing in the world.

2. This growth chart.

This was my big gift for Miles' first birthday, and I finally finished it this week.  I purchased the vinyl decals from Abbie's House on etsy.  I lightly sanded the board, then finished it with several coats of clear polyurethane.  I followed the tutorial from Abbie's House to apply the decals.  Finally, I finished it off with one last coat of polyurethane to seal the decals to the board.  And we put the first measurement on it - which was actually the measurement from his 1 year checkup - 29.25".  That looks a lot taller (longer?) on the growth chart than when you see the number written down on a piece of paper.
Chad was adamant that the bottom of the ruler be level with the floor, so it's hung on the wall using french cleats.  This is actually handy because it can be easily removed and we don't have to put any holes through the front of the board.

3. Unexpected Raises
I get a cost of living increase every year, but this was the first year our performance reviews also gave us the opportunity for a merit increase.  I knew I had earned one, based on a good review, but I had no idea when it was coming and how much it would be.  Well today I got the notification that I'm getting a sizable increase (certainly more than the normal cost of living) and it's retroactive to April 1.  SCORE!

4. Anibal Sanchez
Anyone who knows me knows I am a Detroit Tigers fanatic.  I watch over 100 games a year.  I love everything about baseball and the Tigers, especially.  This week included a moment that reinforced that love. Every year, the Tigers have Zubazpalooza - a night dedicated to these crazy pants (which is strange because the Tigers don't have any officially licensed designs through them...but I digress). To celebrate, Joba Chamberlain bought the whole team a pair.  On Tuesday, Miguel Cabrera did an interview wearing them (and his Los Tigres t-shirt for Cinco de Mayo) and paraded out some of his teammates.  Anibal Sanchez came out looking like this:
He is officially the coolest baseball player on the planet.  
I love how much fun my Tigers have together.  They're not just teammates - they genuinely like each other and that's what makes a great team.  World Series, here we come!

5. Vacation!
OK, I don't know if it truly qualifies as a vacation.  I'm not even going to miss any work...but Chad and I are getting away for the weekend.  My parents are coming to watch the boy, and we're headed off to a winery tour on the Leelenau Peninsula in beautiful Northern Michigan.  We haven't been able to have real 'adult time' in a while, so this is exciting.  And all that delicious wine without having to worry about pumping and dumping?  Oh! And I almost forgot the best part!  The drive is going to take us through our old college town, which has my favorite Mexican restaurant of all time, Los Palominos.  So we're stopping there for dinner.  I haven't had it in about 3 years and of course nothing at home even comes close.  Chad is convinced it won't be as good as I remember, but I know it's going to be a little piece of heaven.  Can't. Wait.

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  1. He is seriously so freakin' cute! And YAY for unexpected raises... I'd like one of those ;)