Friday, May 2, 2014

the friday five

in an effort to be more positive, i've decided to do a post each friday about 5 of my favorite things from that week.  i'm creatively titling it, the friday five.  as i build my blog readership, i'd love to turn this into a linkup.  Let me know if you want in (and you know you do)!

and now...on to this week's five.

1. pretzel buns.  

where the hell have these things been my whole life?  i've often found sandwiches to be incredibly boring.  i'm always looking for good breads to spruce them up.  the little extra sweetness that comes from a pretzel bun does the trick.  this week, i got some free lunch at work (which narrowly missed the list this week...who doesn't love free lunch?!) and this mound of breaded wonder was introduced to me.  I don't know if I can eat a regular sandwich ever again.

2. free stuff.

um...duh?  but seriously.  this week i was tipped off to an amazing promotion.  i got a copy of Where is Baby's Belly Button by Karen Katz for free (shipping included), from Simon & Schuster.  Unfortunately, the promotion is over now, but I love when these awesome little nuggets come my way.  I can't wait for it to arrive so Miles and I can get some reading in.

So, shortly after I wrote my number 2, I got an email from Simon & Schuster claiming the whole promotion was a big mistake and they weren't going to ship out the  I still love free stuff, but as I didn't get any this week now, I have to come up with a new favorite for the week.

32. infused water.

Chad and i each got one of these water bottles recently.  Well...actually, Chad got one, it had a minor defect, the seller awesomely sent us a replacement part and a whole new bottle, so now we each have one.  i've been experimenting with a few different recipes and am loving it.  so far my favorite is strawberry and lime.  tonight i'm going to try putting tea in the bottle instead of water and infusing it with peaches...yum!

43. pasta salad

keeping my list of five from being exclusively food is going to be difficult.  i love food.  especially bread (see #1) and pasta.  this week i made pasta salad to have with our dinner and it. was. amazing.  for as simple as this stuff is to make, i don't make it nearly enough.  mostly, i think, because i never have rotini on hand.  we generally stick to spaghetti or penne or rigatoni.  but maybe i should start adding rotini to the mix, because we always have olives and tomatoes on hand.  and there needs to be more pasta salad in my life.  not to mention, bringing the leftovers to work for lunch the next day is my 67th favorite.

54. my new business cards

i'd been stalking vistaprint, waiting for a 50%/free shipping sale so I could order business cards for the vendor show I'm doing in May.  Well...after months of waiting, they never had one and I was running out of time to order.  So I found which advertised better quality business cards for less than vistaprint with free shipping.  I'm definitely impressed with them.  I placed my order on Monday and received them yesterday.  With the cheapest shipping available on vistaprint, I wouldn't have gotten them until May 8th.  And, as advertised, the cards are better quality.  They are a thicker/heavier cardstock and a little glossy - something that is an upcharge with vistaprint.  If you're in the market for some nice business cards, definitely check these guys out!

5. this face

miles has recently started making this scrunchy face, which is hilarious on its own, but then last night chad pointed out that it looked like a joss whedon vampire a la buffy the vampire slayer/angel.  what do you think?  they could totally be twins, right?!

And that's this week's friday 5.  Stay chelish, friends!


  1. Love it! I'd like to link up for sure :)

    1. Awesome, Keila! My next Friday 5 post will have a link up - just add your link once you post your 5!