Monday, May 26, 2014

Momma & Miles Monday - Memorial Day

Today Miles and momma are enjoying our second day in a row with Chad home.  Yesterday, we went to the Potter Park Zoo - it was a great day, but it was hot - so we decided that today we would set up the pool that Miles got for his birthday.  He was unsure at first, but he ended up LOVING it.  We spent a couple of hours out in the sun, splashing in the water.
it's not Miles & Momma Monday without a silly #selfie!

the slide is neat, but the COOLEST thing about this pool is the QUIDDITCH hoops!

even our water-phobic puppy, Zuzu, joined the fun

Now lil man is taking a late nap and Chad and I are getting ready for dinner - my summer time favorite - shish kabobs on the grill.  We're also adding a little grilled watermelon, I'm so excited!

We're also not forgetting the reason that we get to enjoy this beautiful Monday together.  Today, I remember my two favorite veterans - Chester J. Kloss & Gerard P. Scanlon, my grandpa and grandfather.  They served their country during World War II and the Korean War (respectively).  Love and miss you both everyday!

Grandpa Chester "Chet" Kloss
Gerard "Jerry" Scanlon (Grandfather)

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