Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Five 5-16-14

Helloooo readers!  Are you ready for another fabulous five this friday?  Good!  Here are five of my favorite things from the past week.

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1. Wayne County Prosecuter - Kym Worthy

This woman is an absolute inspiration.  I had the privilege of hearing her speak at an event yesterday.  Her dedication to the victims of domestic and sexual violence is nothing short of extraordinary.  Ms. Worthy is currently working on resolving a massive backlog of unprocessed rape test kits in Detroit.  In 2009, one of her assistants discovered over 11,000 untested rape kits sitting in a warehouse that the Detroit Police Department had used as an overflow storage facility for evidence (but which no one seemed to know about). Had these kits been processed when they were received, countless other rapes and murders might have been prevented, not just in Detroit/Wayne County, but throughout Michigan and in 13 other states (as of now...there are still thousands of kits to test.  Who knows what else will be discovered?), including one case where the rapist went on to rape and murder 5 more women after the first was reported and ignored.
Ms. Worthy does this with absolutely no support or funding from her county.  In fact, the Wayne County Executive listed her work on these rape kits as the number 1 low priority item that needed to be cut from the county's work load.  Kym Worthy is a hero.

2. Unexpected $$...AGAIN!
Chad and I both received refund checks in the mail this week from Fifth Third bank as a result of a lawsuit regarding how 5/3 processed overdraft fees.  These were not insignificant and it. was. AWESOME.

3. This guy

I am a terrible procrastinator.  I signed myself up for an event to sell my Impressed. jewelry back in February.  Finding time to actually stamp can be difficult, but I did it when I could - I was stamping up until 2 nights before the event, but I got it all done.  What I didn't get done was all the other little stuff that's required to make the pieces sellable - darkening the letters, punching holes for jump rings, attaching jump rings, cleaning and polishing the pieces, adding jewels, cutting chain, attaching clasps, attaching the full piece to a jewelry card - not to mention the things I needed to get together to make a professional-looking table.  I figured, those little things are not as time consuming so I let them go.  Fast forward to the night before the show and none of it was done yet.  When you have to do those little things for 100 items, it takes a LOT of time.  I worked for over 5 hours trying to get it done.  It would have been a lot more though, if my awesome husband had not sit down to help me.  He hated it and didn't hide the fact, but he did it and I SO appreciate him for helping.

4. Red lipstick & Leopard Print Flats
Clinique Butter Shine in Parisian Red (Discontinued) | Charlotte Russe Pointy Toe Ballet Flats
 A twofer.  I'm trying to become more fashion-conscious and this includes taking risks I've normally been uncomfortable with.  These include wearing red lipstick and leopard print flats.  I've always been afraid that red lipstick is too much - especially with my light, light skin tone.  Then I realized, the girls I always see wearing red lipstick are always super white - that's what makes it stand out in the best way.  I don't wear a lot of make up to begin with either, which probably didn't help my discomfort.  But now that I've been doing it - I LOVE it.  I also love my new leopard print flats.  It's amazing how many things look good with leopard print shoes.  AND they're not as garish as one would expect.  Generally, they're a perfect compliment to an outfit.

5. My Crockpot
Crock-Pot 6.5 Qt Slow Cooker w/eLume
I'll be honest.  I regularly look for and pin easy crockpot meal ideas because i HATE cooking dinner - too much effort.  BUT, i had never actually followed through with any of them.  The only time I've used my crockpot in the 4 years I owned it were for a couple of work potluck lunches and for Miles' birthday party, to keep the taco meat warm - that's a grand total of 3 uses.  ever.  Well this week that changed - and hopefully it's a trend that we will keep up.  The night before (while I was slaving away on Impressed. work), Chad got all the ingredients for pot roast together and put them in the freezer (see #3 again).  The next day, I threw them in the crockpot with some soup mix and spices, Chad turned it on before he left for work, and when we got home - boom.  Dinner is served.  Why the heck hadn't we done this before?

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  1. YES leopard print flats!! I love mine too!
    I also love my crockpot so much now that I'm back at work. So convenient.

    1. I think we've planned 3 crockpot meals for this week. It's going to be all I cook with pretty soon, I'm sure!

  2. I love leopard print flats! I just got some new leopard print shoes. I had a pair of flats that are sadly to small for me now. sigh.

    1. I'm obsessed now. I look for them everywhere! And I am not a shoe person at. all. :-)