Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jamberry Challenge: Days 10 & 13

On day 9 of the challenge, I changed out my original nail polish.  So day 10 is with a fresh coat of polish, but still the same nail wrap.
Notice the nail wrap is still holding strong.

Since I didn't get to post that on time, here's a day 13 update:

 my left hand gets far less wear and tear than my right, but you can see that the nail wrap on my right hand looks just as good as the left.  can't say the same of the polish...

At almost 2 weeks in, the only difference I notice in the Jamberry wraps from day 1 is that my nail has started to grow, so you can see exposed nail at the bottom.  I guess this is why they say the wraps only last about 2 weeks.  They're not peeling or chipping at all, and I suspect they wouldn't start doing so in the next couple of days, but they've grown out quite a bit, so they're just about ready for a change.  Still completely sold on these.  And because of that...

...I'm hosting an online jamberry party, so if you're interested in ordering any just click here!  Your jams will ship as soon as they're ordered, you don't have to wait for the party to close to get your items - which is awesome!

stay chelish, friends.

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  1. Love your update posts! Such a great idea! You were so right though, the wrap didn't get effected at all by daily activities, just the nail growth, which will happen anyway!

    [P.S] I followed you on Google+ & Facebook. =]