Monday, May 5, 2014

Momma & Miles Monday

He's all tuckered because it was a big weekend for Mr. Miles.  While he took his first steps the day before Easter, he really started walking on his own this weekend (without Chad and I propping him up and telling him to "walk to momma" or "walk to daddy"). If something is in his way, he can now step over or around it without losing his balance and falling down.  He can walk on our laminate floors with his socks on (before he was sticking to just the carpet).  He walks from toy to toy instead of crawls.  He walks over to the window to check out everything that's happening outside (he LOVES looking out the window.  Even if I'm holding him, he points to the window and wants to look outside, then cries if I try to take him away).
He's also started getting very specific in telling us what he wants.  His words are still mostly indistinguishable babbles right now, but he's gotten very good at pointing.  When he's sitting in his high chair he'll point to his cheerios or goldfish, indicating to us that he wants more (which can be good or bad...if I'm making dinner, I'd prefer him not to fill up on snacks before hand, but if he sees them he wants them.  I'll have to get better at putting them away (or hiding them) so that he doesn't get distracted).  And while this one isn't a new behavior, he's great at telling us when he's finished eating too because he starts to throw his food on the floor...Zuzu is getting a lot of yummy treats because of this.  And he's figured out that when he throws food on the floor, Zuzu eats it, so he's trying to feed her on purpose now because he thinks it's hilarious!
Poor Zuzu has been such a patient puppy with his growing curiosity.  Miles loves to play with his puppy, but he still hasn't quite grasped playing nice.  He pulls on her legs or tail and she just licks his face then moves to a new spot on the couch to try and get away...and then he follows her and starts all over again.  We're working on it :-)  I know she's going to love having him to play with in time...but for now, I'm glad she's tolerating him so well.  He loves to laugh at her and I love to watch him laugh at her.

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  1. awww big man walking!!! Annabelle isn't even close yet :(